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Conversation Design

A Team of Conversation design experts who produce interactive voice applications.

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Understanding your business challenges and designing tailor-made AI solutions

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Voice Recognization

Creating speech recognition models that help to achieve a better understanding of human language and act accordingly.

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Robotic Process Automation

Grow your business by developing a smart, fast and scalable automated system.

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Machine Learning

Empowering your business with Machine Learning models that enable your business to stay ahead of the market and deliver smart solutions.

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We provide 24X7 support to make sure these AI systems are always healthy and functional

Some of the industries that are being disrupted right now

By 2020, artificial intelligence will be used by at least 60% of organizations for digital commerce. Source: Critter

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The continued rapid growth of Algorithmic trading holds testimony to the success of AI automation. Its presence on the Trading floor can be seen through AI driven automated trading accounts for 75% of all financial market volume.

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The manufacturing industry, as is its nature of work, will have the biggest impact of AI coupled with Automation. Apart from playing a vital role in improving enterprise software, it has the capacity to optimize workloads for Predictive maintenance and optimization of industrial facilities and machines and interpreting the data that flow across departments.

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An interesting trend has evolved in the Healthcare industry- the entry of digital technology companies like Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Apple. They bid to transform the industry with mining medical records to provide better and faster health services.

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