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9 Benefits of Supervised Learning in Education

For years, schooling has been proved to be a rigorous task for both – students and teachers. Students have been accommodated into “one size fits all” ordeal of learning rather than having it personalized to their interests, and abilities. Teachers, on the other hand are burdened with an unmanageable number of students in one classroom- all with different levels of learning and capabilities.

However, as the contemporary classroom structure moves towards digitization, we get to experience a new era of educating- all thanks to supervised AI learning. Supervised Machine Learning is the process of implementing Artificial Intelligence to deliver custom-in class teaching.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of Supervised Machine Learning in education:

1> Customized teaching: One of the major aspects of providing Machine learning in classrooms is Customized teaching. Moving away from “one size fits all” methodology delivers custom teaching based on real-time feedback for individual student.

2> Removes Bias: History is proof that a major percentage of educators have played a part in gender, religion, caste, creed- biased learning. Machine learning performs assessments and evaluation without any bias, encouraging students of all sorts to do well.

3> Improves Student Participation: Supervised machine learning considers factors like aptitude, learning speed, background, and responses from students allowing them to learn of their weaknesses. This also helps the teacher to recognize poor response from a particular student and encourage student participation.

4> Better Assessment: Assessment counts as one of the major parts of the education sector. Machine learning can help teachers assess the performance of a students by providing scores and relevant feedback. While assessments done digitally is taken care of by this process, some amount of human intervention is always needed for parts like- orals, assignment evaluation and so on.

5> Personalized Lesson Plans: Has it ever occurred to you that visual representations helped you learn faster than texts? Before AI or supervised learning was introduced, there was no practical way to know if a student learns better through visuals or texts. If only the materials were presented differently, they would help in better mapping of subjects based on student interest.

6> Process Efficiency: Supervised learning uses content analytics to organize and optimize content items like assessments, textbook sections, videos and animations. Not only does it help in boosting a student’s efficiency, but also a teacher’s effort in making better decisions for the student.

7> Customized Feedback: A 360-degree feedback is an essential component of a well-established education system. Machine learning analyses both students’ and teachers’ data and prepares a feedback. Students get constructive feedback while teachers strive towards providing a better teaching experience.

8> Choose The Right Career: One of the most confusing part in a student’s life is deciding a career. A career path not chosen with duly-performed analysis results in frustration and disappointment for a student and the family. Supervised learning tracks student interests, aptitude, likes and dislikes and fairly predicts which career option would suit the best. Of’ course you need some human intervention to research on the job prospects and opportunities around you.

9> Cognitive system Of Education: Imagine an eighth grader struggling to learn quadratic and linear equations. AI couples a student’s goals with his/her interest and style of learning to help the teachers determine what kind of content to provide for.

Supervised learning can not only redefine the way education has been delivered till date, but also improvise the ways of education, for a better future.

Written by

Nelson Vega