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Is Matlab better than Python?

By Nelson Vega | Uncategorized. | Dec 04, 2018

So are you a developer you keep hearing that Matlab is better than Python or maybe the other way around. Well, we are in the same boat. I decided to spend a few hours of my short day and find out, which one is better.

If you search in your SE of preference, you can find arguments in both directions, so I’m presenting you the top 5 of each side and let you decide.

Matlab better than Python

So what is Matlab anyways? Well,it is a popular numeric computational environment and programming language. The concept of Matlab refers to the whole package, including the IDE. The standard packages don’t contain much generic programming functionality, but it does include matrix algebra.

So as you can See Matlab is the whole page, and out of the books are designed for numeric computation.


  • The matrix-based MATLAB language lets you express math directly with no requirements of extra libraries.
  • Proven MATLAB toolboxes provide the functions and capabilities you need. Allows the engineers to integrate with specialized tools that support the requirements.
  • Since it offers not only the programming language but also the tooling around it, MATLAB apps let you complete tasks more easily than with custom programming.
  • Since it integrated with about 130 hardware vendors and production analytic application, MATLAB helps automate the entire project lifecycle – from research to production.
  • MATLAB runs your programs faster – meaning you can try more ideas and solve more significant problems.


  • The algorithm is proprietary, which means that you cannot see the code of the algorithm.
  • It is expensive.
  • It is a commercial product, and sometimes financial decisions trump building great products.
  • Portability is a lot more difficult.
  • Because of a commercial product, integrations with the third party is difficult.
  • If we can to talk about code issues, there are a few array indexing issues.

Python better than MatLab.


  • Python code tends to be more compact and readable than Matlab code.
  • Like almost every programming language other than Matlab, Python uses zero-based indexing.
  • Python offers excellent support for dictionaries (hashes).
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) in Python is simple and elegant.
  • Python is free and open.( This a big one)
  • Any number of functions can be packaged in one file (module).
  • Python’s import Statement
  • Python offers more choices in graphics packages and toolsets.


  • To get the same functionality, it requires Numpy.
  • Additional functionality depends on external authoring, hindering the quality of some of the packages.
  • Multiple options for IDE, making it difficult for a beginner to decide.
  • Speed can be an issue.
  • No presence in the mobile space.
  • Like JavaScript, dynamic language have some limitations, that is why it requires more testing and validation.

No tool is better than others; it comes down to what feels natural, what makes you more productive, how the community around it.


Written by

Nelson Vega